Storage Tips

  • AIR CIRCULATION. Air circulation is important and our buildings have been designed to permit air flow. However, it is advisable to leave at least a half to one- inch space between your belongings and the unit walls.
  • DO NOT USE PLASTIC. Using plastic to cover items prohibits airflow. Old sheets and blankets are preferable. It is our suggestion that cardboard boxes are not set directly on the floor, as this will draw dampness from the concrete and result in unsatisfactory storage. If your moving day happens to be humid or wet, an bag of open charcoal the unit may help absorb moisture from the stored items. Moth balls in unit is an added protection.

Storage Policy

  • USE OF PREMISES. No mechanical, fabrication, manufacturing, assembly or other related work will be permitted on premises. No hooks, screws, nails or shelving shall be driven into the walls or framework of the building or storage unit. No signs, advertisements, notices or lettering is permitted on any part of unit.
  • TO AVOID CLEANING/DAMAGE CHARGES. Please empty your unit of all refuse. The tenant is expected to leave unit in broom clean condition.
  • ITEMS NOT ALLOWED TO BE STORED. Flammables such as fuels, paints or other oil based products, unlawful goods of any kind, or perishable foods.
  • NO INSURANCE IS PROVIDED FOR ANY STORED ITEMS. You may be covered under your current policy (homeowners or store owners) under the "Off Premises Coverage" section. We suggest that you call your agent or company. Some of the losses you may want to cover are as follows: Water Damage, Theft, Vermin, Fire or Smoke Damage, Losses due to Heat or Cold and Moisture.
  • RENT. Invoicing by request has a $2.00 Service Fee. Write your unit number on your check when making payment.
  • LATE CHARGES $10.00 will be charged if rent is over 5 days late. Please note, the unit will be double locked after the 30th day and access will be denied until rent is current.
  • CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS. Tenants should provide office with current address and telephone number. Timely notification should be given on any changes.
  • SECURITY DEPOSIT. If notice to vacate is given ten days in advance and unit is left completely vacant broom clean, the deposit will be refunded in full, Security deposit may not be used for the last month rent.
  • PENALTIES WILL BE ASSESSED. For repairs, clean-out, removal of debris, late charges or removal of lock, and will be deducted from the deposit.
  • PLEASE OBSERVE. A 10 mile per hour speed limit to help prevent accidents.
  • ACCESS HOURS. 7 Week day, 24 Hrs. You carry the key to your own unit and are responsible for your key & unlocking & lock ing of your unit unlocking & locking of your unit. A $5.00 charge for replacing key lost by TENANT.

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